We invite and thank all our clients who take the time to write to us and express their positive experiences with M&Y Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. We hope these testimonials will enlighten you about our clinic.


I came to Dr. Darren's office just over one year ago. I was frustrated, and felt as though there may never be an end to my uncontrolled migraines and the medications that left me feeling exhausted all the time. After the first few visits, I started noticing some improvements. Now just over one year later, there has been a dramatic improvement in not only my symptoms, but also my life.
Since becoming a client of M&Y so many incredible and positive things have happened. Approximately 3 weeks after starting treatment my headaches (4-5 days a week) significantly decreased to 1 or 2 a month. My lower back pain has decreased, my achy joints 98% gone, range of motion is so much better, I'm completely off my allergy meds (3 different one's), I've lost 45lbs not by dieting but instead by eating clean.
I consulted with Dr. Darren over a six month period in 2014. Diagnostic information was very well presented. What lifted the experience to exceptional was the careful explanation that related the foot problems to stance, posture and shoulder/neck pain. I experienced positive results as a result my improved understanding, exercise, practise and the positive encouragement of the doctor. Special mention to Randi who is the best RMT that has worked my back and shoulders.
I have been going to Mulock and Yonge Chiropractic Health and Wellness for over a year. I had a hip replaced 6 years ago. My hip was great but I was always having lower back aches and once in a while my back would just go out. I also noticed a problem with my neck.

After Dr. Darren sent me for X Rays, and did some testing, it was discovered that my one leg was shorter than the other. I required orthotics. Once I started wearing them, my life was much more enjoyable.

I also had the early signs of military neck, which I believe means that I am losing the curve in my neck. Dr. Darren gave me exercises to do to help prevent further damage.

I am not an old person. I go regularly for maintenance chiropractic treatment, do my own exercise , wear my orthotics, have a massage once every 6 weeks from Randi and I feel great!

Thank you staff at M & Y Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.
I've received excellent chiropractic, natural path and massage therapy care here. All of the practitioners I've seen were thorough and professional. And I've had no issues with getting appointments, even on short notice. Highly recommend M&Y.
My children and I have been going to M & Y Chiropractic for 20 years. Dr. Darren is fantastic and all the staff are friendly and helpful. I absolutely recommend them! They are the best.-
My family and I have been patients of the team at M & Y for 12 years! We use the services of all the practitioners at the clinic and it has improved our Health & Wellness so much over the years! Even my 9 & 11 year old children get regular treatments from Dr. Darren and the massage therapists. The team at M & Y is wonderful! They are professional, kind and caring. They take the time to get to know you and your family and your personal needs, in order to maintain optimal health & wellness. I highly recommend M & Y Health & Wellness Centre for all your health needs.
When I went to visit Dr. Darren, I was in bad shape, bent over and couldn't stand straight, Dr. Darren's care and thoroughness has brought me back and healthy, he's a professional and knows his work.
In early February of 2013 I began to suffer from pain in my left arm. Gradually my finger tips became numb. I went to the doctor who examined my heart and thank God all was well. The medical doctor told me to take Tylenol and wanted to give me prescription pills. A friend of mine recommended I go to Dr. Poncelet at M&Y Chiropractic in Newmarket. He had all the state of the art equipment to diagnose me and observe my progression. I started with three treatments a week in February, March and April. I noticed a difference in my health by March and a release of nerve and spinal flexibility. I feel younger than my years and the pain in the arm is completely gone. Thank God for going to a devoted chiropractor like Dr. Poncelet. It's great to live without pills and ointments again. Even more, I walk 30 minutes a day and am on a plant-based diet.
I have been going to M & Y for all my health concerns. They have helped me with ion cleanse, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, VoiceBio, Reiki and any combination of. The whole staff is great and I highly recommend their services!
- Cathy
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank you and your staff for my progress to date.

I came to you in April this year with complains of poor posture and backaches.

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- Dave Reddon
We are sincerely grateful for the "Children's Health Day International" which you sponsor every year. We attended this event last year and it may have saved our daughter's life, or at least the quality of it.

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- Alanna & Barry Jarvis
Hasan is about ten and a half months now and was suffering from excessive spit up also known as reflux. We have been coming to Dr. Poncelet since Hasan was 6 months.

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- Hasan
A decade is a long time to have the same nagging injury; a constant nagging injury that grew into a subconscious thought. It was not always that way. When I was sixteen I broke my tailbone in a hockey game, but I didn't know it at the time.

Two years later I was rear-ended in a car accident and the insurance company wanted me to have my entire spine x-rayed; which subsequently revealed that my tailbone had unfortunately healed in a broken position. The problem grew from there.

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- Bryan Dalla Rosa
Dear Dr. Darren & the staff of M&Y Chiropractic Health and Wellness

Over a year ago I started experiencing limited use of my jaw. I wasn’t experiencing any pain, but I did have a constant clicking on the right side. I was diagnosed with TMD (Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder). I tried various remedies, but none that help me progress.

I was told by a friend about Dr. Darren Poncelet. I had my first consultation and continued on seeing him for weekly jaw adjustments. I couldn’t believe how much mobility I got back. I am monitoring my jaw and will go back for minor adjustments as needed. I would recommend that if you or anyone you know, is experiencing TMD, please stop suffering and make an appointment to see Dr. Darren Poncelet.

- Christine
Dear Dr. Darren and Staff

It is with great pleasure that I sit at my computer and write to you. My six year old (Robbie) was diagnosed with Asthma 3 1/2 years ago. He was put on Ratio-Salbutamol (Blue puffer) and Flovent (Orange puffer) as treatment.

During the first two years of being diagnosed, we had made several trips to the hospital for the severe asthma attacks; I definitely don’t miss these trips especially in the middle of the night!!! Robbie’s asthma had gotten worse especially with any cold that he had picked up from school that the doctor had put him on QVAR (red inhaler). Robbie had been taking these medicines regularly for approximately 2 1/2 years.

My husband and I decided to get him tested for his allergies and we ended up putting him on an allergy needle that he needed to get once a week for a year. Amongst the pain of this poor child getting this needle and having to miss some school, and the travel back and forth to the doctor’s office, Robbie was getting better every day and not having to have his puffer as frequent.

Then along came Dr. Darren! Had I known that a Chiropractor would have helped my son, I definitely would have taken this option. We, as a family of seven started going to Dr. Darren as of May/April 2005. Robbie has had his regular visits starting at twice a week and has been down to once a week for some time now. Oh, did I mention that his puffers are up high in the cupboard collecting dust? And his serum is still in the fridge? Oh ya! No more puffers! No more asthma attacks! No more visits to the hospital! And no more allergy needles! He has been able to enjoy life and is breathing quite well too!

We also have another son with ADD and we have been working on this too with Dr. Darren. This is of a different nature, however, I know that Dr. Darren will be able to help my son cope with this too!

I have been to a chiropractor before but never have I been to one that has been as thorough and well educated as Dr. Darren.

Thanks for being there for me and my family,

- Joanne, Norm, and kids
My 11 year old daughter Sarah has been in a special class for children with learning disabilities since she was in Kindergarten. Every year I have been called into her school and asked to please take her to our family doctor so that she could be put on Ritalin. Sarah was having problems concentrating and was being a general disruption to the class. The teachers thought that putting her on drugs was the answer. Sarah’s mother and I did some research on Ritalin and didn’t really like what we had found, so we resisted and have never taken the teachers advice.

At home Sarah’s behavior was a disruption to the family. The never ending whining and fighting with her brother and the constant arguing with everything that was asked of her had us all at our whit’s end. Trying to help Sarah with her homework was an exercise in complete frustration, as she was unable to concentrate but also couldn’t explain where she was having difficulty. We tried everything we could think of and even sought the advice of others. Nothing seemed to work.

It was January of this year that I was handed a pamphlet explaining the benefits of Chiropractic on children who have been diagnosed with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.; both these terms have been used to describe Sarah at one time or another. We had tried everything so why not try this. A friend gave me Dr. Darren’s name so I set up and appointment. During the initial consultation Sarah was given a scan that that showed any problems with the alignment of Sarah’s spine. I had never discussed Sarah’s problems with Dr. Darren, however when explaining his findings he gave me a complete description of my daughters behavior and school issues. It was amazing to see how he could show me an abnormality in Sarah’s alignment and then explain how that could affect certain areas of her life. It was quite amazing.

We also spoke about Sarah’s diet and how certain foods can contribute to some of the issues we were experiencing. Dr. Darren suggested that we try to avoid sugar, aspartame, caffeine and nitrates in Sarah’s diet. This was probably the hardest part of her but we explained to her why we were doing this and now she will come and tell me if a food makes her feel different.

She is only 11 so we still battle here from time to time, but she understands that she can’t eat some of her favorites because of how they affect her. Sarah has come such a long way in only 5 months. She brought home a perfect math test, and math was one of her most problematic subjects. I also saw my first A on Sarah’s report card. Our home life is a lot more tranquil; Sarah and her brother still fight, what brother and sister don’t, but it much less frequent and a lot less loud. She responds better to instructions she’s given and is able to verbalize any problems or issues she’s having. Dr. Darren has given me my daughter. Thank you.

- Anonymous
A testimonial to the benefits of chiropractic treatments for children.
I wish to thank Dr. Darren Poncelet for treating my children with the utmost respect and gentleness. He had already been treating me for migraines and, for a while, pregnancy- related back-pain, since 2000.

So I felt perfectly comfortable bringing my daughter to see Dr. Poncelet in 2005, when she was 7 years old, because despite the ballet classes, I was worried about her posture, her in-turned toes, and the fact that she kept tripping over her own feet. Her father has scoliosis, and I wanted to be proactive, if she had inherited it, so she wouldn’t have to wear a brace or other hardware that would hamper her activities, or affect her self-esteem in her teens.

He determined that she hadn’t inherited this condition she just had my flat feet. However, he noted that on the questionnaire, I had ticked the box for “bedwetting” — almost every night.

Dr. Poncelet explained in very clear arid non-jargon terms which part of the spine was involved with the elimination functions, and that by correcting the minor misalignments now the bedwetting would likely stop, unless there was another underlying issue. She would require maybe three or four months of treatments, and then likely she wouldn’t need to see him again.., until high school, to correct symptoms of slouching and attitude (no guarantees on the attitude).

Her treatments followed his prediction. After the first adjustment, we had three dry nights in a row, and I heard her use the toilet in the middle of the night for the first time. After the couple of weeks, she decided she didn’t need to wear pull-ups anymore, and our water and hydro bills reflected that. She was dismayed when Dr. Poncelet said he didn’t need to see her anymore — she liked getting her back crunched.

I had no problem bringing her younger brother in for bed-wetting treatments this year, at age 6. We’d already tried all the free and paid-through-taxes things: tinkered with his diet, changed our parenting style (in case this was a power struggle), forbidden liquids after 6:30 P.M., put him on the toilet before bed, roused him after the nightly news, and a trip to the family physician didn’t turn up a UTI or other probable cause.

Still, every night, he’d wake up after wetting his pull-up, remove it, go back to sleep, and wet his bed again. If he didn’t have the pull-up, he’d wet one end of the bed, turn to the other, wet that, seek out a couple of bath sheets from the linen closet, and sleep on the floor — maybe wetting that, too — and he and I would both be very cranky in the morning.

He’s a tougher case with poor posture habits and no enthusiasm for ballet like his sister (really!), but after two months of bi-weekly treatments, he goes to bed in just his undies.

We have 4 and 5 day “dry” stretches, and not having to buy him the pull-ups every month and a half is like finding money in my pocket.

So THANKS Doctor Darren!

- Barb
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