What is the E.I.S.?

The electro interstitial scan (E.I.S.) was designed by Dr. Albert Maarek, a Medical Doctor in France. The E.I.S. is a Class 3 medical device approved by Health Canada on Aug 5, 2009. It is utilized by medical clinics and hospitals in Europe for over 10 years. The scan measures over 60 physiological parameters such as:

  1. Water composition levels in the body.
  2. Electrolyte levels.
  3. Organ and system function.
  4. Hormone levels.
  5. Blood circulation to organs.
  6. Oxygen uptake of organs.
  7. Brain neurotransmitter levels.
Your results are compared to over 22,000 healthy, asymptomatic human subjects as a database.

How is this test done?

This test is pain free. The analysis is completed on an empty stomach with NO alcohol, tobacco, exercise or caffeine interference to the body. 6 electrodes are used to assess parameter levels in the body. It is capable of measuring 5,000 data points per second. The scan has an 89% accuracy rating.

Why have the scan?

The scan accurately identifies problem areas in the body as a whole. If you have a symptom or series of symptoms that are persisting this will identify the source of the problem from a body function perspective. People that are candidates for this test include:
  1. People that don't like needles. This scan replaces most blood tests.
  2. Chronic symptoms that just won't go away.
  3. Visits to medical professionals that produce no answers to your health problems
  4. People who want to achieve optimal health.
The volume of information received from the test allows for a direct recommendation of treatment.

Sample Case Study at M&Y Chiropractic

A 71 yr old female consulted M&Y Chiropractic with headaches, left arm numbness, vertigo and fatigue to the point of napping each day for the past year. The ENT specialist concluded there was no problem with the ears, the Neurologist "wasn't sure what was wrong", the CT scan of the head was normal and the medical doctor prescribed a drug that produced severe dizziness. The E.I.S. was completed and recommended re-hydration due to severe cellular water loss. 2 weeks later 90% of the symptoms were gone.
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